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For those who are seeking more...



Meet the Team

What can you expect?


This is a very different kind of school. 

You will not be "hitting the bag" the whole time

You aren't here to "get a work out"

You aren't here to "kill or be killed"

You aren't here to be "thrown to the wolves"

You are here to learn how to fight in the same way one would learn how to play the piano or speak Spanish.  You will spend your time learning and drilling and playing games with your classmates.

You can come in however you are,

and if the Warrior Poet culture is something you like,

and we are a good fit, 

you are welcome to join for recreation or competition.

40$ a week unlimited classes for recreational membership

50$ a week unlimited classes for competition membership

Most days:

1230pm Muay Thai
6pm Muay Thai
7pm NO GI jiu jitsu

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